SUBARU IMPREZA 5MT (2-yrs JCI/Warranty)

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Zena Garage offers one of the best warranties in the business!!


SUBARU IMPREZA 5MT with 2-yrs JCI & 2-yrs Warranty

Year 2009

Mileage 65000km

Price $5,600

Color Gray

Transmission Automatic

( 5MT, AUX, 5-seater )


Includes 2-yrs JCI(inspection fee, insurance fee, road tax, weight tax)

and 2-yrs Warranty.

-Our Warranty has no limitation of repair cost and we wiill repair the vehicle as many time as needed until full repair.

-There is almost 330items covered by our warranty!!



SUBARU IMPREZA 5MT (2-yrs JCI/Warranty)

  • TOTAL PRICE $5,600

    DOWN PAYMENT $1,500

    ( 1st to 11th month ) $340.00

    ( 12th month ) $360.00