​About us

Zena Garage has been serving U.S military service members by offering high quality vehicles for competitively low prices.

Our vehicles includes 2 years JCI (inspection & road tax) with 2 years warranty and covers almost 330 part items including components such as engine , transmission , AC and hybrid mechanisms.

Our location is in Takahara,Okinawa City 10 minutes away from Kadena AB and Camp Foster. We offer pick up and return shuttle service from your location to all U.S military personnel and SOFA status members. We can provide our customers with a loaner car after signing up the contract and get to drive around the island while waiting for your vehicle to get registered.

We can also help you find the vehicle you wanted by special order thru auction.

For inquiries please call / message us or visit our sales office if interested.


ZENA GARAGE(ゼナガレージ)は、​沖縄市高原に2店舗展示場がございます。2020年9月から329沿いに新たに店舗を設けており、中古車販売のほか、注文販売(あなたのこだわりの一台をお探しできます)、一般整備、板金塗装(自社でやっております)、カスタム車作成、レッカー、保険事故対応等致しております。